So Phresh Leak Guard 3 Cup Dog Training Pads 100 Pack

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Enjoy a clean home and keep your pooch well-behaved with So Phresh Training Pads! A perfect toilet solution for your furry friends that will make cleanup time less time-consuming. Pack contains 100 quilted pads designed with 5 ultra-absorbent layers to ensure a mess-free home. Made using a Quick-Dry technology that turns liquid to gel on contact. Features a leak-proof liner to keep your floors dry and a non-skid backing to keep the pad in place. Pet attractant to encourage use. Can hold up to 3+ cups of liquid. Perfect for those living in the urban area with no yards. Ideal to bring during long trips when stops are not an option. Turn cleaning into a breeze and train your beloved pet!

Brand: So Phresh
For: Dog Training
Style: Training Pad
Size: 61cm
Pack Contents: 100x So Phresh Training Pads


• Suitable For Dogs
• Training Pads
• Quick-Dry Technology
• Leak-Proof Liner
• Attractant For Training
• 5 Ultra-Absorbent Layers
• Holds 3+ Cups
• Perfect For Urban Living and Long Trips